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Since September 23, 2020 we have posted an inspiring message every day on social media, and a video every Thursday, to help business owners. It’s part of our 100-Day Challenge to help business owners #Finish2020Strong!

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Every Thursday, Brian Moran posts an inspiring video message for his followers to help them end the year on a high note.The topics range from Accountability to What Type of Business Owner are You to Facing Your Fears. Each video runs from 90 seconds to three minutes. They are concise and provide one key takeaway with each video to help you #Finish2020Strong

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The Stockdale Paradox

Learn about Admiral James Stockdale and his famous quote when dealing with the obstacles in front of you. Don’t confuse “faith” with “discipline.”

Time Management

Every person has the same 24 hours in a day. How you spend your time will be a key factor in your success or failure. Watch out for the “time robbers...

Taking Breaks

It’s hard to keep your nose to the grindstone 10-12 hours/day every day and not feel burned out. Learn to take breaks every day to recharge your...

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